Digital Creasing Machine YH356


CREASING MACHINE 330 × 3000mm (Model - YH356)

This product is a manual paper feeding digital indentation machine, product design according to the industry for indentation processing of various situations, for the plate printing customized multifunctional processing equipment.


(1)The indentation frequency per hour A4 the indentation one piece 3000 pieces/hour.

(2)The professional design and manufacture of indentation die durable, high-precision stepping motor and control system to ensure the precision and quality of indentation.

(3)The operation panel USES a 7-inch color hd touch screen, small machine high configuration, simple and convenient to use.

(4)Do not need to make a template, can complete the card indentation, but also for all kinds of dotted lines and part of the dotted line pressing, plastic or riding on the cover of the film indentation, but also applicable to a variety of other applications.

(5)The machine can handle pull-up products from the largest size to 330×3000mm.


  • Paper Size : Max 330 × 3000mm
  • Paper Thickness : 70g – 450g
  • Creasing Speed(A4): 3000 per hour
  • Minimum Creasing Distance : 1mm
  • Minimum Creasing Size : 1mm
  • Creasing Precision : 0.2mm
  • Number of creasing per sheet : 0~20
  • Tally : Positive and negative count
  • Total Count : creasing count, paper count
  • Skew Adjustment : ±2mm
  • Creasing Depth Adjustment : Stepless variation
  • Feeding Way : Manual feed
  • Paper receiving tray capacity : 45mm
  • Horizontal Creasing Function : 1mm
  • Horizontal Dotted Function : 12TPI
  • Machine Length : 1200mm
  • Machine Width : 500mm
  • Machine Height : 440mm
  • Power : 220V/50 Hz/250W
  • Net Weight : 50Kg
  • Gross Weight : 60Kg

Machine Video